We recognise that clarity as to both costs and time scale for estate administration is important to our clients.

In accordance with our pricing philosophy we have established three levels of service to fit our clients’ chosen budgets.

Grant-only service

Our team will assist you in making the application to the Probate Registry and obtain the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration on your behalf. You can then deal with the remainder of the administration work yourself.

PR Support

You choose which parts of the estate administration process you want to deal with yourself and which parts you want our team to help with.

Full estate administration

We will deal with every aspect of the probate process, so you are not burdened with the management of the estate. This service option is integral to the professional executor role and would apply if we act as your executor.

Whichever service option you select, you will be assured of our friendly, compassionate, professional attention at all times.