We are experienced private client solicitors with a wealth of Will drafting experience.

Our knowledge and experience means that we are best placed to understand the formalities required in order to draft and sign a validly executed Will.

Wills may be disputed for a number of reasons and the most common are:

  • The Will was not executed correctly
  • The Testator lacked the requisite mental capacity to prepare the Will
  • The Testator was unduly influenced to make the whole or any part of the Will
  • The Will may be lost, destroyed or revoked
  • Forgery or fraud may be suspected
  • The Will does not relay the Testator’s intentions
  • The Testator did not have knowledge of, or approve the contents of the Will
  • Challenging a Will after death is an emotive issue and our team are experienced in providing advice to assist you in navigating any challenge sensitively.