Independent Mental Capacity Advocates

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 introduced several new roles, bodies and powers. One of the new services created by the Act is the new role of the Independent Mental Capacity Advocate (IMCA).

The purpose of the IMCA Service is to help particularly vulnerable people who lack the capacity to make important decisions about changes of accommodation and/or serious medical treatment and, and who have no family or friends that it would be appropriate to consult about those decisions. The role of the IIMCA is to work with and support people who lack capacity, and represent their views to those who are working out their best interests.

The role of IMCA therefore occasionally overlaps with our own role as deputy / attorney and we welcome the opportunity to work with IMCAs to ensure our clients receive the most effective and efficient service possible. We have provided training sessions to IMCA organisations, particularly on the role of deputies the Court of Protection, and are happy to provide further training sessions to IMCAs across the region.