Care Fees

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Care ProvidersAs the population ages local authorities and the NHS are likely to continue tightening their approach to funding care fees. You are therefore increasingly likely to be required to fund your own care and the costs may be significant. We can advise on the implications of such fees and tailor your wills and the other available solutions to preserve your estate against this threat.

There is no quick fix for the threat of care fees and many of the aggressively marketed “solutions” are deeply flawed. In particular the transfer of your home to your children is layered with problems, leaves you vulnerable and could leave you open to claims by the local authority of “deliberate deprivation” of assets. Our care fee planning section sets out the key points for taking legitimate steps to plan for care fees.

We can also offer advice in relation to local authority and NHS assessments and assist you in raising appeals against unfavourable assessments.

Choosing the right care package

Many people assume that the only care option available is either being at home alone or in a residential care home. Whilst this may have been the case several years ago, there are now many other options available to us all. In particular there is a much greater focus on domiciliary care in your own home, not least because its often cheaper whilst your care needs remain modest. We have many contacts in the industry and can point you in the right direction. Early acceptance of the need for support is so important in ensuring continued independence. Failure to accept assistance early often leads to a crisis point at which time passing into full time residential care becomes much more likely.

Even if residential care has become a requirement there are still many more options than ever before. There are now many purpose built facilities which can offer different levels of independence ranging from supported living within a self contained property, through to residential, nursing and ultimately EMI units. The costs of these arrangements vary markedly depending upon the type of accommodation, location and whether you are funding it yourself or with local authority assistance. Wherever you are looking at please do ensure you do your research. The Care Quality Commission reports are available on-line, speak to your social worker (if you have one) and speak to residents and their families.