Our team will assist you in making the application to the Probate Registry and obtain the Grant of Representation (being a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration as the case may be) on your behalf.

We will have an initial meeting to set out what information will be required from you and prepare the application papers based upon the information you provide.

As such, you are responsible for collating the relevant information, and will be responsible for collecting in and distributing the estate in accordance with the terms of the Will or intestacy rules.

Once you have provided us with all of the relevant information, applications will usually be prepared within a couple of weeks. The probate registries will usually take a further couple of weeks to process the application and provide the original Grant of Representation together with sealed copies for lodging with the relevant institutions.

We provide fixed fees for grant only applications and the primary factor for determining that price is the need for either an IHT205 (return of estate information form for smaller / non-taxable estates) or IHT400 (inheritance tax return for larger, taxable estates) form. The following prices are indicative of the likely fees associated with a grant only application service:

Non-taxable estates (IHT205) Taxable estate (IHT400)
Stonegate’s fees From £1,500 plus VAT From £4,000 plus VAT
Probate Court fee £273 £273
Sealed copy of Grant (per copy) £1.50 £1.50
Total Approx £2,074.50 (inc VAT) Approx £5,074.50 (inc VAT)


Please remember that the administration of estates will often include the calculation and payment of taxes and these are entirely distinct and in addition to our costs. In particular inheritance tax (see HMRC’s website for details), income and capital gains tax both to the date of death and during the estate administration period may be payable.