Pricing Philosophy

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Business OwnersOur approach to pricing

We appreciate that the costs of professional services are of importance for all clients. A progressive and transparent pricing structure is therefore central to our range of services and we will discuss this with you at the outset of each matter.

It is important that both parties understand the factors which will influence the cost of the matter. We will discuss this with you before we start work and it is important that you provide us with full and frank disclosure of all relevant issues. The two key factors which influence our cost in providing our services are the time of our executives and the cost of professional indemnity insurance. As such the amount of time we spend on your matter, the value of the assets involved and the complexity of the issues are all relevant.

Scoping discussion (15 minutes)

Although we would like to offer a free initial advice facility the heavy regulation of our services makes this difficult. However we may provide you with a free initial scoping discussion of up to 15 minutes. During that discussion we can help you scope the extent of any advice you may require and/or signpost any other institution or resources which may be able to assist you further.

Initial consultation (1 hour)

If a scoping discussion is insufficient for your needs but you are not yet ready to access our full service options then we may be able to offer you an initial consultation based upon a modest fixed fee. As part of that consultation we may provide you with general advice so we need to fulfil certain compliance requirements before the consultation and prior booking is therefore necessary.

Full service options

All clients have very different planning requirements and although we provide bespoke advice we appreciate the need for clarity in relation to our costs. To achieve this we have established a variety of charging options across our service range which provide a clear, fair price reflecting your specific needs. By providing these options we hope to provide you with greater control over the timing, predictability and payment of our invoices. For example, please see our Service Options for Estate Administration which sets out the different service levels and associated costs in dealing with probate and intestacy matters.